With us you can enjoy a house designed 100% to your wishes and needs.
Thanks to our unique Genial Panel® technology, you can enjoy facades, walls and flooring made of the material that you prefer: wood, stone, ceramics, metal, batter, porcelain, fibro-plaster... Below you will find some ideas of materials for building your house:

Wood ventilated facade

These facades are the most ecofriendly and sustainable. The ventilated wall allows to create facades with an style that fits perfectly in natural or urban environments. The result achieved is an efficient building with the elegance of the natural wood.

The wood is a noble material that in addition to having an excellent thermal behavior, confers undisputed comfort. There are many types of wood for outdoor use and its maintenance is minimal with the treatment we do. We only use wood that maintain their properties over time.

Stone ventilated facade

Stone is the noble material par excellence and has been used since prehistory. The latest technologies we use enable us to cut them in thin pieces that cover the ventilated facades. To support those pieces we use a lightweight supporting framework that allows the stone to be separated from the wall, hence creating a ventilated facade.

Ceramic ventilated facade

Ceramic has been the material for manufacturing closures. Recently ceramic pieces have been developed for ventilated facades. They are large format pieces (30x120 cm) that, like the stone ones, are placed on a support frame that allows to separate it from the wall and create the desired ventilated facade.

Ventilated ceramics confers a high degree of comfort and an elegant appearance with a wide variety of formats, colors and textures.

Metal ventilated facade

The ventilated metal facades are the lightest. The almost endlessly possibilities of the metallic materials, we can design the facade with a wide range of aesthetic possibilities: from a multitude of metallic colors to imitations of stone, wood or stainless steel.

The metallic ventilated facades also have a very reasonable price with a very low maintenance (almost 0).

Mediterranean facade

The main advantage of the conventional Mediterranean facades is the price. However, they are not as efficient regarding thermal and acoustic isolation as ventilated facades.

Currently there are flexible mortar systems that work perfectly applied to wood. That way we can do direct plastering on our panels. In other words, on the surface of the panel we apply a special mortar for wood and an elastic stucco that gives it the visual appearance.

Porcelain facade

Recently, the porcelain stoneware sector has developed a new technology that allows to manufacture pieces of 3500x1200x3mm

We can apply this pieces in different ways. The most effective way to work is to glue them on the wall or panels. We can do it at an affordable price thanks to our unique machinery that glues those pieces on the wall or panels.

In addition, the maintenance is straightforward, just clean them with high-pressure water. Also this material has a high resistance to bending and wear, as well as its lack of alteration to UV radiation. With this material you get durability combined with low maintenance.

Interior walls

Our unique walls (Genial Panel®) have the same or better properties than the traditional ones. They have all the cables, tubes... for the facilities inside, so they do not require on-site construction. That way, you get your house built faster and at a better price. We can cover the walls with any material you like: wood, plasterboard...


The pavements are made in situ and with dry GenialPanel® technology, that way are faster to build than the traditional concrete systems while providing better physical properties than the traditional floorings. You can have wood, synthetic or ceramic floorings on top of it. We recommend ceramic flooring in houses located at humid areas.